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The Travel Guide of Sochi

About Sochi

Situated in the midst of lush, subtropical gardens on the Black Sea's most stunning stretch of coastline, Sochi provides the ideal destination for leisure visitors.

Sochi is an easy-going, friendly resort city, offering many pleasures in its subtropical warmth. A city which will suprise, delight and entertain all those who are prepared to enjoy every corner of it. Whatever your age is, you'll never be short of something to do or see in Sochi. Being a tourist destination, Sochi loves to party, and you will find plenty of things to entertain you. International-standard cuisine completes the experience.

Within 40 minutes drive from Sochi center with its pebble beaches , you can enjoy magnificent mountains of Krasnaya Polyana ski resort.

Come and visit impressive Olympic park, that holds different shows and events during the year.

It's time to relax, explore and adore the wonders of this city!

What makes Sochi special

• Beautiful nature

• Recreation facilities

• Magnificient Caucasus mountains

• Olympic heritage

• Gourmet restaurants

• Vibrant nightlife